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Ekare Training and Consulting’s name is based on the concepts of experiential learning and e-learning. We use either one or both of them during the tailor-made training programs we design in accordance with your needs. The training modules we design and implement, support management effectiveness, individual development and corporate culture. Our distinction is in our success of using our expertise in experiential learning methodologies and our field experience together in harmony.

Our Approach

We work together with you while deciding on which training subjects will answer your needs better, and we provide guidance when...

Corporate Profile

Ekare Training and Consulting has created a different and efficient style by developing experiential learning tools and impleme...

Reason of Existence

Our Mission By developing new experiential learning tools or adapting them for online environment, we work with passion to shar...

Our Values

Creativity: Ekare Training and Consulting owes its competition power to its ability of developing creative products. We are def...


As Ekare Training and Consultancy, we have been offering services to pioneering companies of our country and many international...

Our Projects

We proudly announce that our business simulations are used in an organization executed by Yenibirlider  and supported by lead...

Our Methodology

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning became a concept with empty meanings used by many people, maybe because every person learns something dur...

System Dynamics

Ekare Training and Consulting's “Business Simulations” are developed according to “System Dynamics” approach. Syst...


Our trainings have been designed to create behavior knowledge. They are supported with computer simulations, experiential learning tools and various applications depending on their contents to achieve this. You can examine the trainings you are interested in from sub-menus. Also you can check our experiential learning tools under Experiential Learning menu or our simulations under business simulations menu and see which of them will be used for trainings you are interested in.

Ekare Training and Consulting updates training contents in accordance with customer expectations and privatizes training module packages in compliance with your needs. During our trainings we have the possibility of using different tools according to your needs in detail.


Ekare Training and Consulting has improved its expertise by focusing on Human Resources Consultancy and Training Management subjects, and has determined these business fields as the business fields with strategic priority for itself. Ekare Training and Consultancy, who follows the most successful applications in the world in its own field, has a vast application experience and works together with you to make projects successful with its result-oriented approach.

HR Consultancy

With its result-oriented approach, Ekare Training and Consulting offers consultancy services for establishing HR systems and in...

Training Management

Our experimential learning tools can be used with supportive purposes to determine future training needs. Our experiential lear...


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